Keep Reading!

We strive to make summer a fun as possible at the library.  That means summer reading programs, crafty events, puppet shows and crazy Instagram challenges. It’s enough to give some families an option and enough to keep most children reading all summer.  But what if you want a little bit more?  SUMMER READING CHALLENGES are the thing for you!

I came across this fantastic idea on a wonderful website I’ve been reading lots of lately. Aspiring author, business owner and mom, Sara Biren uses reading challenges to keep her children reading all summer, and have lots of fun doing it! (As if reading alone wasn’t fun, but sometimes, it can feel more like a chore when parents are setting the goals for their kids.) Last summer, she tackled The 100 Picture Book Challenge.  


This year, she suggests a few new ideas, especially good if your kids are beginning readers and might not be up to reading 100 books on their own. How about a Read-Aloud Challenge, where you read together…out loud.  It’s like bedtime stories anytime!  Or what about trying to read an entire series this summer? (Harry Potter, anyone?) Or a Favourite Author Challenge? Let your child pick the author and get reading!

Sara has developed a downloadable tracker for each challenge.  Just click on the links, and then print them off.  This is a super way of making sure you meet your goals!

Will YOU do one of these challenges this summer?  Or make one for yourself as an adult! It’s never too late to enjoy summer reading!



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