Plant that Flower, Drink that Drink


The lure of warm weather often brings people outside. And being outside when it’s warm naturally promotes the idea of having a cold drink.  Or a party. I thought it was fitting, then, that this book was sitting in our new bin at the library.

THE DRUNKEN BOTANIST: THE PLANTS THAT CREATE THE WORLD’S GREAT DRINKS, by Amy Stewart, will make you the star of that backyard BBQ or fancy dinner party. Stewart  has researched the history behind the plants that have found their way into our cultural mixers, and makes each story more fascinating than the last. You’ll not only learn interesting things about beer and wine, but about sake and scotch and bourbon and much more.

“Did you know the oldest domesticated living organism is not a horse or a chicken. Nor is it corn or wheat.  It is a wild single-celled, asexual creature capable of preserving food, making bread rise and fermenting drinks.  It is yeast.”

Stewart gives page after page of information about the plants and the drinks themselves.  And of course, there are recipes to try.  Even if you have no interest in anything but a can of Pepsi, this is fascinating book.  Plus, Stewart has a great website with information on this book and all of her other best-selling books! Drop by and spend a few minutes on her blog as well. This is great summer reading!

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