What’s Wrong?

This week, we found out that OverDrive (the great site we use for downloadable Audiobooks and eBooks), has some changes in store. They’re trying to make things as simple and fun as possible for people to use, so we can always expect some changes to the site. Recently, they upgraded their website so that the interface on the page makes the search experience better. And now, due to some changing license requirements, you might have a little trouble at first. Don’t panic, the fix is easy!

If you try to download an eBook or Audiobook this week, it may tell you that your device needs to be authorized.  Yes, we know you did that when setting everything up initially, but the license changes required OverDrive to deactivate all devices. All you’ll need to do is re-authorize your device.  This might mean clicking on a link that pops up and entering in your Adobe ID once again (usually, it’s your email and a PIN than you chose), or it might mean that you have to go to  the “LIBRARY” tab in your Adobe Digital Editions and click “authorize my computer”.


So, no need to worry if you have issues in the next few weeks. It isn’t anything you’ve done, and the solution should be easy. You can always call us at the library if you aren’t sure.

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