Canadian Libraries

Recently, the OCLC (the Online Computer Library Center), posted a fantastic visual reference on How Canadian Public Libraries stack up!  The results were truly fascinating and I think we can learn a lot about how the public uses and views libraries, through it. The OCLC is a worldwide library cooperative that aims to improve access to information held in libraries and find ways for libraries to reduce their costs through collaboration.

A few of the fascinating comparisons? 

Nearly two out of three Canadians have library cards…almost the same percentage as people who have passports. (But of course, the library is your passport to anywhere, isn’t it?)

Canadian libraries circulate 10 times more DVDs each day than the online DVD rental company,  (All right, no word on the comparison to Netflix users, but I feel like we could probably give them a run for their money, too!)

Nearly 200 public libraries offer meeting spaces…and Carleton Place Public Library is one of those included!

To see all of the unique comparisons, just click on the photo below to see a larger version.  It’s really something!


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