Give the man some Space!

For Frivolous Friday, it’s time we went to space for a while!

Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield is currently living on the International Space Station as the Commander of Expedition 35. He is the first Canadian Commander of  a mission to the ISS, and although the five month stay is almost over, he’s been more active in space than some people are here on Earth.  If you haven’t been following his frequent posts on Twitter and YouTube, you’ve been missing some fascinating stuff!

The official website for the Canadian Space Agency boasts a lot of interesting information about the mission and the studies being done on board the ISS. The science studies include a look at the dangers of radiation exposure during long-term missions as well as the effects of weightlessness in space during that same extended period, as well as many smaller experiments.   But Hadfield has been busy doing his own “studies” in space, usually after prompts from school children he’s been interacting with during the stay. For example, he recently talked about making a peanut butter and jam sandwich in space, which isn’t as simple as it might sound. 

One of the funniest things is the photo contest!  You have another few weeks to drop by and add your own photo to the mix.  Just upload the image of Chris in his astronaut gear, pop him into a photo YOU take, and then submit it to the site.  The three top photo entries with the most votes will win a signed t-shirt and the winning photo entrant will win meet Commander Hadfield during a private webcast.

If you’re interested in reading some books about the International Space Station, or any of the other wonderful books we have about space flight or missions, drop by the library and we can suggest some good reading. Until then, get those photos uploaded and keep watching the official site or Twitter for regular updates from this fascinating Canadian!


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