World Book Night 2013


Tonight is World Book Night in the US and the UK. It’s a wonderful idea where people go into the community on the night of April 23rd, and give out free paperbacks to people who might not be big readers.  The organizers hope to forge community spirit, make ties between people and also promote literacy.  Books are donated by libraries, bookstores, through financial donations and personal donations.

There are selected books, so it’s not just about giving away those worn out Harlequins your Aunt Madge has sitting on her bookshelves. This year, some of the books include Tracy Chevalier’s THE GIRL WITH THE PEARL EARRING, Ray Bradbury’s FARENHEIT 451, John Green’s LOOKING FOR ALASKA and Nora Roberts’ MONTANA SKY. Book givers sign up early, and then pick up a stack of books from a designated post on the night of the 23rd.

You can read a great blog post about ways to get ready for this fun evening right here.  There are library events, author readings and even events online (check out the Facebook pages).

Right now, there are no official planned events for Canadian cities, but maybe next year. This event seems to be growing (in the US, there were only 2 events last year compared with 28 official events this year). It’s a wonderful idea and certainly something to get a community excited, while promoting literacy and books at the same time. Will you follow it online or attend one of the events? Let us know!


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