Isn’t everyone a Belieber?

This week, Justin Bieber made a strong argument about why children should stay in school. No, he wasn’t doing a promotional tour or making a commercial.  He simply visited one of the world’s most important historical landmarks, and left a comment in the guest book…about himself.


Anne Frank

Anne Frank (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On Friday, Justin Bieber and company visited the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. After the tour, as most people probably do, he stopped and presumably signed his name in the guest book. Afterward, the tourist site decided to share his comment, not because they were offended, but because they thought it might inspire some of his young fans to look into Anne Frank’s story. And what did he write?

“Truly inspiring to be able to come here. Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a belieber.”


Many people were outraged that the singer could experience such an important and deeply moving part of history, and leave a comment that was completely self-centered.  Did he not see how inappropriate this comment might be, or is he just obsessed with his own status? Rabbi Marvin Hier, an expert on Anne Frank, really doesn’t see why people were so angry over the line.  He explained that Anne Frank was always a follower of Hollywood movie stars and would probably have been very interested in Bieber had she been born in this time.  Twitter, however, has been chocked full of anti-Bieber comments that don’t have an end in sight.

It’s not his fault.  He’s young and wrote about the most important thing in his life–himself. Not many of us could argue that we wouldn’t have written something as equally dumb at that age. The problem here is with his advisers, I think. They should have stepped in and given him a little heads up. This is probably why his whole camp is keeping quiet right now. The fault here, lies not with the Biebs, but with those around him who weren’t doing their jobs properly. Either way, it will soon blow over and he’ll be off to his next faux pas, I’m sure. Will any of us realy care?

How do you feel about what Justin Bieber wrote?


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