It was a Magic morning!

We made it to Friday!  And it was such a fun March Break! Yesterday, we visited the Carleton Place Arena where illusionist Chris Pilsworth dazzled us with his amazing magic!



We had LOTS of people in attendance and it was a great morning to be tucked inside a warm building. Good thing Chris was HILARIOUS!


He started everything off with a wonderful trick involving a young girl from the audience.  She was shy to begin with, but boy…did she turn out to be a great assistant!


She used some of her own magic skills to help him put a magic cape back together…..


And then… turned into a hat!

magic5.jpgShe was not impressed!

Later, Chris developed a problem when using a red whistle…..


One whistle….two whistles….three whistles….


And we all enjoyed his stylish dance moves! (Plus, where DID he get those orange pants??)

But it was the big finale that got us all laughing! Thanks to Wes in the back row (who was texting to his wife when Chris plucked him from the audience), and Shelly (who probably had no intentions of participating in a magic trick when she got up this morning)…we watched a funny skit play out that included a BIG jug of water, a rubber duck and a piece of paper. WOW!


Nobody got wet,  but everyone was amazed!  It was an exciting morning.

You can see more of the photos on our Facebook page later this week! If you didn’t come to this event, why not?  We do LOTS of fun things at the library all the time. Keep watching for more events coming soon!


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