CSI : Library Edition

It’s Day 1 of March Break at the Carleton Place Public Library, and we’re starting off with a bang!  CSI : Library Edition is going to be a fun afternoon filled with mystery, clues and lots of suspects. We’ll post our wacky mug shots on our Facebook page later this week, so drop by and take a look. Maybe you’ll see someone you know!


The scene of the crime.

We’ll start with our mug shots and move right into detective work.  There are footprints and fingerprints to interpret, strange white powders and lots of memory work. Is it easy to remember all the details at a crime scene?  We’ll see if our group of young detectives can keep everything straight.


Poor little fishIMG_4126

An upset piggy bank (Okay, I know it’s a rabbit.)IMG_4127

Someone took a bite out of the chocolate bar?


Strange white substance and blue paint footprints!  What happened here??

And there’s been a crime at the library!  When Head Librarian Janet walked in today, she noticed the front door was unlocked. Once she got to her office, she was shocked to find that her prized goldfish were flailing about her desk. Someone had knocked over the fishbowl when they were reaching up to get her piggy bank from the top shelf above her desk. It also lay broken and empty on the desk. But there were clues!  A strange white powder lay sprinkled near the poor fishies, and a half eaten bar of chocolate was left on one of her books. Good thing they were going to paint later in the week. The blue paint can had been knocked over as well and left a trail of footprints leading to the window.

IMG_4129The suspects!

Our team will have to work hard to solve this mystery!


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