Frivolous Friday Food!

This post isn’t about frivolous food, but rather, a fun post about food (and how to keep it fresh)…on Frivolous Friday!  In a workplace of five women, we talk about food quite a bit.  We talk about what we ate last night, what we’re making for a special occasion, and what great deal on food we just got at a particular store. So when I came across this great post called 27 Ways to make your Groceries last as long as Possible, I thought it was something I should share.


Some of the tips are genius, and some look a little wacky, but I might give them a try. (Storing onions in pantyhose might work, but I’m not thrilled about leaving them out where anyone could see them. You decide if you’d like to try it.) Anything to make our money stretch a little further is always appreciated.

Will you try any of these tips? Do you use any of these money-saving ideas already?


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