Rules, Rules and more Rules!

While we don’t have a lot of hard rules here at our library, there are some libraries that like to strictly enforce theirs. Some come with fines, others with privileges taken away, but the basic idea is that they really don’t want people doing certain things. Like what, you might ask? How about no balloons? Or no chewing on headphone cords? Both of these are problems in certain libraries, although I can’t recall a time when we’ve had these issues here in Carleton Place.


(This is our biggest “rule” at our library.  Only 4 DVDs can go out per family. Does the rule ever get broken?  Sometimes.  Do we have a punishment for breaking it?  No!)

John Brandon wrote a great article over on the Mental Floss Blog called “9 Very Specific Rules from Real Libraries”.  Just click on the link to see what crazy things are going on in other libraries!


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