We’re Back!

After an exciting and hectic four days in Toronto, we’re back from the Ontario Library Association’s Super Conference 2013!

After starting out on a foggy and slightly icy morning, we made it to the train station in Smiths Falls and headed out on our journey.

trainIf you haven’t taken the train before, it’s always a comfortable way to travel, with free wi-fi and frequent snack cart visits to get you through the journey. We passed through snow and rain and fog and sunshine, and got to our destination in great time.

shoppingI’ll have to admit, the train ride was the easiest part of the trip that day. After checking into our hotel and a quick bite to eat, we were off to visit the Whitehots showroom to purchase books. Let’s just say it was an interesting cab ride out to Mississauga.  But once there, we found LOTS of great books, friendly staff and got down to the business of loading up our carts with books.  While we left a few books on the shelves, we can’t wait until our boxes arrive back here at the library. Then, it’ll be down to work to get them all into our system and onto the shelves. Fun!

Back at the hotel, we made our way to the Conference Center and checked in.  If you can imagine thousands of librarians in one space, this was it.  Excitement was in the air and we were all looking forward to getting down to all the plenary sessions, author visits, presentations and poster sessions. Vendors were busy setting up the Expo which we’d all attend at least at one point during the conference, to view books & products and to meet with the wonderful people who keep libraries current and relevant.

Janet and I headed back to our room after a nice dinner with librarians from Smiths Falls, and we poured over the catalog to see what sessions we’d be attending the next day. Exciting!

Stay tuned for more information on the sessions we attended, people we saw and things we learned. It was a great week!

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