Thank you!

This past weekend, we were invited to dinner and a movie with my lovely Aunt and her partner. It was a great evening and while I called to thank her for the great meal, I also thought about sending her a little note in the mail.  Today, I came across an article on writing better-than-amazing thank you letters.  Think the universe was trying to tell me something?

We don’t often think about thank you notes. In the past, I’d probably say thank you for inviting us over for the great meal–we had fun.  But there’s a better way, and it will not only make the recipient feel all warm and fuzzy, it’ll keep you in their good books. After all, they probably went to a lot of trouble, probably cleaned the bathroom, shopped, dusted and much more you’d never even think about. They deserve a little extra recognition, don’t you think?

So what would a super fantastic thank you letter look like?  I gave the idea a try…..

Dear Carole…..

You are such an unfairly amazing cook!  Honestly, your food constantly inspires me to try harder in the kitchen. Without a doubt, it was the nicest meal I’ve had in a long time, and I can’t wait to try out that great recipe for the cheesy potatoes. Thank you so much for inviting us over for a wonderful evening.



Okay, maybe it’s a little over the top, but you get the point. Wouldn’t you love to open up a nice letter like that? I would.  Here are a few pointers to make your own thank you letters extraordinary.

#1.  Always start with “you”.  Everyone loves to hear something wonderful about themselves, so get gushing right off the bat.

#2.  Use specific examples. (Just like I did with the cheesy potatoes.)  They’ll know exactly what you thought was best.

#3. How you felt or benefited. Don’t just say it was wonderful.  Make sure you tell them how it made you a better person. Really, this isn’t going too far. I promise.

#4.  Don’t thank them until the very last line. You want a great way to close and you don’t want to repeat yourself.

Try not to sound insincere, but don’t be afraid to be flowery with your thank you. They aren’t going to frame it or post in on Facebook, but they will remember it.  And you.

Ideas from the upcoming book called Adulting : How to Become A Grown Up in 438(ish) Easy Steps by Kelly Williams Brown







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