A big thing we hear from people is “I can’t wait until retirement so I’ll have time to read.”  Why are our lives so busy that we can’t find a few minutes each day to just unplug and unwind? Why should reading be delegated to our retirement years? What has happened to relaxing??

If you’ve noticed how wired our world has become lately….we’re hardly ever away from being in touch with information (phones, iPads, tablets, computers, game consoles)…everywhere we go, we have access.  What does access mean exactly?  It means we have information at our fingertips. We have constant news, entertainment and social connections available to us almost our entire waking day. You’d think more connection would give us extra time, but it does the opposite, in fact.  Being connected all the time keeps us busy, keeps us going, never gives us a moment to stop.


But it wasn’t always like this.  Once upon a time, we could pick up a book and take a few minutes to “escape” the world. And the invention of ebooks has made it more difficult to unwind, I think, not easier. We’re still not unplugged.  We could be interrupted by an email or get distracted by a Facebook update while we’re reading on our devices.

In order to get some “me” time back in your life, it’s a very good argument to put away the electronic devices and take out an actual book. Sit down in a corner, turn the pages, become immersed in something that won’t interrupt you, won’t notify you, won’t ring, beep or vibrate to let you know something is happening.  So my challenge to you today is to put down that device and pick up an actual book.  Don’t wait for retirement!


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