An evening of Awesome!

This post is going to be fun for one of our library pages, Melody.  One of her all-time favourite authors is John Green (she even requested a t-shirt from his website for Christmas!), and I’m sure she knows all about the performance I’m going to talk about here.  In fact, she probably watched the live stream, which is, well, awesome considering she’s in high school and shouldn’t care about much more than parties and boys right now.  But it’s John Green, and that is the big drawing card here.

If you haven’t heard of author John Green, you can visit his website here.  His YA books are always utterly fascinating, with a totally different voice from other YA books. (If you pick one up, it’s easy to tell it’s a John Green book.)  His latest work is THE FAULT IN OUR STARS, about a couple of teens who meet in a cancer support group, and while you might think it would be a morbid or depressing topic, Green makes the heartbreak enjoyable, if you can imagine.

Now, what makes John Green really interesting, is that he also has a very popular YouTube site where he and his brother “vlog” (that’s a video blog) about weird and wonderful topics.  This isn’t just for teens, let me tell you. His Nerdfighters offshoot is a shoutout to proud nerds everywhere. But what recently caught everyone’s attention was a little concert the brothers put on…in Carnegie Hall….which SOLD OUT.

Okay, you might wonder how two wacky brothers who are self-proclaimed nerds (in a great way), could possibly arrange a concert at Carnegie Hall. They’re musicians, too, of course!  And they have such an amazing fanbase, that their concert sold out without much effort.  (Bruce Springsteen, eat your heart out!) The concert,  John and Hank Green : An Evening of Awesome, was streamed live and you can watch it here.  The action doesn’t really start to get going until about 35 minutes in, so click forward to see them go!

Congratulations to the Green brothers for such a great feat, and for making our lives a little more interesting this week!


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