Write a Letter

We’ve all heard of the idea of writing your younger self a letter, being able to tell your teenage self or your twenty (or 50) year old self something important that you’ve learned through experience. But what if you could write a meaningful letter to your future self?Isn’t this a great idea?  Maybe it’s just a goal you’d like to accomplish, or an idea you don’t have time for right now but don’t want to forget. Maybe it’s a resolution for the entire year or a promise you would like to keep. You could easily get a journal and write out that letter, and promise to look at it at the end of the year (maybe jot the date on your calendar). Or, you could try this:


Write a letter to yourself and have it emailed at a later date!  The people at General Assembly have created a fun and functional form that you can fill out with all your goals and ideas, and have it emailed to yourself whatever date you choose.  It might be a great way to see if you’re keeping up with that goal to exercise more.  Or maybe you just want to remind yourself to stop stressing about life so much.  You can customize the letter in whatever way that suits you, using the funny drop down menus, or just putting everything in the body of the last question, if that’s less campy.

Now, I can see all kinds of applications for this, and overall, it’s a fantastic idea.  It might also backfire if you haven’t kept up with something you really intended to focus on. It is meant as a resolution reminder, but feel free to use it whatever way suits you best. Go ahead, send a Letter to Yourself!


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