Educate, Entertain, Empower!


In the last part of January, we’re off to Super Conference 2013 in Toronto, the annual conference for all things librarian! We spend three days going to workshops, listening to amazing speakers, and visiting the country’s largest library trade show. It’s a lot of fun and we come away with plenty of great new ideas for programs, policies and most importantly…our patrons. It helps us make our library better, stronger and more relevant in our community, so we’re lucky to be able to attend year after year.

And while the conference is still over a month away, we are busy choosing which workshops we want to attend. And believe me, it’s difficult to choose; there are SO many exciting options. If the events aren’t cancelled or too full, I’m looking forward to attending a Forest of Reading® winners showcase where authors talk about their experiences with the program, and another one called Confessions of a Social Media Librarian. And Janet is thrilled to be able to hear her favourite author, Louise Penny, speak. Maybe she’ll even get an autograph! (I’m bringing my camera, Janet, so we’ll get a picture if that happens!)

You can drop by the website and see all of the wonderful things happening during our stay in Toronto.  We’ll post lots on our Facebook page as it happens and then do a recap when we get back in February, but you might find it interesting to see everything we’ll be up to.  And mark your calendars, because if past years are any indication, there will be a massive snowstorm here in Carleton Place that Wednesday, January 30th morning.


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