Babytime at the Carleton Place Public Library


We’re going to have a Babytime at the library! Right now, we offer programs for children who are aged two or older, but due to a generous grant from the Ontario Government, all of the libraries in Lanark County are going to be offering a babytime program. Called the Baby Time for Lanark County project, the goal is to bring parents and their babies (aged 0-12 months) to the library for a fun half hour each week.

Through singing, rhyming, reading, physical activity and playing, parents and babies will gain pre-literacy skills, meet other parents and babies and have the opportunity to tap into services available in our community.  Each program will run in a 6-week session and will require registration. If you don’t live in Carleton Place, check with your local Lanark County library for the dates and times of each session.

Our first 6-week session in Carleton Place will begin on Wednesday February 6, 2013 and will run to Wednesday March 13, 2013.  The classes will take place from 11:00am – 11:30am on Wednesday mornings, right after our regular storytime.  Your child must be 0 – 12 months of age during the ENTIRE 6-week session, and older children will not be allowed to stay in the room with the moms and babies.  If you are bringing older children to storytime, please make arrangements. We cannot allow children to stay in the library unattended, for safety reasons.

Registration is open now for February (we have one baby signed up already….and he hasn’t even been born!).  Please ask at the front desk for more details, or call us at 613-257-2702. We’re looking forward to seeing you and your baby in the New Year!


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