I’ve got the creeps!

Yes, Tuesday night is Halloween Craft Night! As usual, our registration is full and hopefully the storm will hold off enough for everyone to attend. It’s going to be a fun evening, full of glowing, spooky things. (Although not too spooky, I promise! No shrunken heads ever again.)

We’ll be making some kooky looking Frankenstein cards, guessing the Halloween Candy Mash Up (have you ever tried melting Smarties?  Tricky!), and making our own glow-in-the-dark jars. And yes, the kids can dress up if they wish. I’ll be wearing my bats. (I’m hoping there won’t be a weird repeat of last week when I attached plastic centipedes to my outfit and later that day, the biggest centipede I’d ever seen made a lovely appearance in the office all afternoon. Bats—please stay home!)

Let’s cross our fingers and hope the power stays on and the library doesn’t blow away!

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