Books, books and more books!

Our month-long book sale was a great success!  Many of you came in and went away with armloads of great used books, all for only 10 cents each! Well, we’re back to the normal price (25 cents each), and there’s plenty still on the shelves to be purchased.

A typical box of donated books. See the average size? Notice how full it is?  This is just fine!

Many people ask where the books come from for our sale table.  It’s a combination of discarded books (books that have been on our shelves that might be slightly damaged, no longer current, or we have a better copy)….and books that are donated.  Of course we accept book donations!  You’d be surprised at how many boxes arrive on our doorstep each week, especially during the warmer months. We’ll accept two boxes (of the sizes depicted here…please don’t fill up a refrigerator box and leave it on the front steps), as long as the books are in fairly decent condition (ie…no musty smell, no cigarette smell and no water damaged books, please).

Another perfectly good book donation! Notice the bags this time?  That’s fine, if you don’t have boxes. Again, a reasonable amount of books here.

We don’t, however, accept textbooks, Reader’s Digest books or National Geographic magazines.  While we understand someone paid good money for these things, we just cannot sell them. Then, we end up having to put them in our recycle bins or throw them away. Not what we want to do.  Also, keep in mind, if YOU wouldn’t by a book because the condition is so poor (pages falling out, swollen to the size of ten books because it was dunked in water, smelling of must, cigarettes, spilled bottle of perfume etc.,) no one else will want to buy it either.  Please discard those books at home.

Another box, perfect size, lots of great donations.

We love book donations. We go through each box and bag separately and use any books that we either don’t have or they can replace something we already have that might be in poor condition. If we can use it, a book will go on our shelves to circulate, probably within a few weeks.  If we can’t use it, it will most likely go on the sale table.  We’ll make 25 cents from it, which goes toward buying new books for the library, so it’s a great deal.  If you DO drop off book donations, note that we cannot guarantee that anything you give to us will be put into the library circulation.  You’re taking your chances… please don’t donate an entire catalog of your favourite books on the African Stinging Beetle and expect to see them on our shelves tomorrow.  We may use them, we may not, but we appreciate ALL of the books that end up in our library for perusal. Our library wouldn’t be as successful as it is without them!


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