It was Magical

Excitement is in the air!  It’s Magic Show Day! I’m Agent G., and I’m ready!!  Bring on the special effects!  Bring on the card tricks!  Bring on the Orange Crush (it’s warm…I’m thirsty.)

Yes!  I’ll be able to see everything from the front row! Hey wait a minute….. where is everyone else?  Doesn’t the show start at 10am???

Just perfect…..comfy seating… tall person sitting it front of me……the A/C is going full blast. Makes me happy to be a Gnomebrarian!

Uhhh….still waiting. (cricket chirps inserted here)

I always wanted to be a star! Look out Amazing Corbin… comes Agent G.!

If I was a little taller, I could see if anyone was walking over from the parking lot. Should have worn my tall boots today!

Glad that cute girl Emma was here to keep me company. Look at that smile!  I wonder if she’s interested in shorter guys?

Hey look! That Amazing Corbin is wearing almost the same thing I am! Good thing I didn’t wear my black pants today!

All right! The show has started. Oh….where did all these tall kids come from???

This kid was good. No experience or anything!

And the crowd went wild…….well, maybe not wild.

There he is, The Amazing Corbin, explaining his next trick…..

And the crowd went wild………Hmmmmm….what’s going on with this crowd??  The guy is FANTASTIC!!!!!

Then, this cute girl helped out…..

But, uh…..the trick got a little out of hand.  At least she tried….and she was SO cute!

The crowd really DID go wild this time, or at least, they were polite in their wildness. Look at those hands going up!

This little boy was magic genius!  Corbin didn’t even know how he was doing everything…..but the kids watching sure did!

And for the grand finale….the curtains started to open.  I was holding my breath……what were they going to do????

A hush came over the audience.  Do you think she KNEW what they were going to do to her?  She looked so happy……..

I don’t think I like the look on that boy’s face.  He seems too happy…..what are they planning?????

The Amazing Corbin checks his Magic for Dummies book to be sure he knows what to do…..

And the trick begins……..

……..and she gets up on the board….will The Amazing Corbin be able to levitate her??????

Your have to check our Facebook page to see the video!!

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