Why Do YOU use the Library?

On a typical day, we have well over 100 people drop by the library while we’re open. Everyone comes for different reasons, however, and plenty of them are not here to borrow books. Surprising?  Not really, when you consider the library a place that houses many different things.

So, what do people come to our library for? Here’s a sample:

-Take out books, magazines

-Read the newspaper (we have one patron who comes mainly to check the weather report)


-Repair/ install equipment

-Put up posters/flyers/brochures

-Use the washroom

-Take out a DVD (or four)

-Borrow an audiobook

-Visit a staff member

-Tutor someone or be tutored

-Use a public computer or access wireless internet on own device

-Attend a meeting or event in the Barbara Walsh room

We’re not picky about why someone visits the library. Often, they come for one thing, but they’ll be back again soon for some other reason.  That’s the wonderful thing about libraries…..they’re addictive once you realize how much there is to offer…and almost everything is FREE! Where else can you go in your community for entertainment, education, socialization, information, and so much more without opening your wallet?

Why do YOU use the library?


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