Have you been to a beautiful library?

This week, the Vancouver Central Public Library was named  one of The 25 Most Beautiful Public Libraries in the world.

Vancouver Central Public Library

It certainly is gorgeous, and would hardly feel like a traditional library, I think. The trend these days seems to be to create spaces with lots of light and open space so that patrons feel like they’re not stuck in a dark cubicle or rows of book stacks. I love it. Congratulations Vancouver! Don’t forget to visit the link above to view the other 24 gorgeous libraries on the list!

2 thoughts on “Have you been to a beautiful library?

  1. Vancouver measures up well. Bristol looks good too, and Denmark – Germany reminds me of Ikea. I like the more traditional ones – Italy, Paris, New York, Brazil, India, LA (though not what I pictured for there) – some of the others look too sleek, like they should house only e-books. I think Smiths Falls is really nice too, but I did spend many hours hunched over the Blume, Byers and Cleary shelves there.

    • Uhhh…I think you’re missing the MOST important library, Laura. Not to slight Smiths Falls, but don’t you think Carleton Place is wonderful, too???? 😉 (Of course, I KNOW you do!)

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