We’re taking a break

Like most of you, we’ll be taking a short break from library duties over Christmas. During that time, we won’t be updating the blog, Twitter or Facebook. But watch for us back here on Wednesday, December 29th! It’ll be a busy day for us, but we’ll be happy to be back. Drop in and see us and pick up a new book to read before the New Year.

You can find our holiday hours on the Right Hand side of this blog.

In the meantime, here’s a list of 10 Things to Do If You Don’t Have a Book to Read:

#1.  Clean your house.  You know it needs it. Now’s the time and you have no excuse. (I didn’t say this was going to be a fun list, did I?)

#2.  Visit a friend. Call them first, or just drop in unexpected for a cup of coffee. (Who knows?  Maybe they’ll have a good book for you to borrow!)

#3.  Watch a bad movie on TV.  This is really fun if you’re exhausted after all that cleaning. You won’t have to think too hard and you’ll be too tired to change the channel.

#4.  Play a board game with your kids! (Do they even know what those are now??)  Get one down, dust it off and show them how you used to entertain yourselves before computers, video games and Netflix.

#5.  Exercise. Go for a walk outside. You burn lots of calories in the cold. And you might see something interesting when you’re out. Plus, you won’t feel so guilty for eating that last shortbread cookie.

#6.  Write your OWN book.  Admit it, you’ve always wanted to do it.  Why not take the time to sit down and start something. Write the book you’ve always wanted to read. Write a short story for your favourite young person. Write down your grocery list. Whatever works……

#7.  Download an eBook!  Don’t worry if you don’t get an eReader for Christmas. If you have your library card, your PIN for renewing books and a computer, just go to the OverDrive website and choose a book to download.  You can read it right on your computer!

#8.  Write someone a letter. (Yes, you could write us a nasty letter complaining that we’re not open when you really need us, but we’d appreciate it if you just wrote to your Great Aunt Suzie or someone like that.)

#9.  Take a drive.  We have lots of wonderful places to visit and things to do in and around Carleton Place.  Just get out your GPS, type in a random destination and drive.  Or wing it and take a road you’ve never taken before. (For a while, I thought all roads led to Lanark.  That was before I realized my husband just liked that particular drive. Find your own new “Sunday drive”.)

#10.  Do the crossword puzzle in today’s newspaper. See if all that reading really has paid off!

See you in a few days…………..


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