Gingerbread Typewriter

It wasn’t so long ago that we still used a typewriter in the library.  I know what you’re thinking.  A typewriter??? In the age of computers?  It was back when we had our old library cards and needed to type the names on the front of each one.  Since switching to new, modern cards….we don’t need the typewriter anymore, which was a welcome change for the girls who had it taking up the space on their desk. (On a funny note, one night while we were making up several cards, a young girl approached the desk with HUGE eyes. “What’s that noise?”  She’d never heard a typewriter before!  It made us all feel older than dirt.)

So when I saw this fabulous gingerbread cake, it made me think of all we’re missing.

Created by a woman from Baked Ideas, it’s 100% edible, right down to the typewriter ribbon. You can read more about the creation right here.

I feel inadequate when I see amazing things like this. Going to go home right now and break out my piping bag and fondant!


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