I feel like I read the same things over and over on the internet everyday. I follow a lot of blogs, read news online, catch up on entertainment happenings, find out about books and authors and research crafts, just to name a few.  I often follow links from one blog or page to the next and I find that I’ve already read many of the things being posted. It’s probably like that for everyone who uses the internet on a daily basis, but recently, I found a “fresh” site that has me clicking on link after link after undiscovered link. I feel like there’s this whole other internet world out there that someone’s been keeping a secret, but now that I’ve found it, I’m going to share a few links now and again.

Recently, this post popped up on Facebook. Everyone seemed to be sharing it for a while. The ideas are simple and yet profound, and hopefully some of us will take away a fresh outlook on life and live it better. It’s called the Holstee Manifesto, and was created by people who try to live by their manifesto each day, through creative endeavors. Interesting. It might be a little touchy-feely for some, but the idea behind it is to create the life you want, don’t just let it happen to you. I think more of the younger generation could use a bit of this in their everyday life.

And now there is a video.  Just a nice way to spend a few minutes and maybe it’ll inspire you to create something. Go ahead.  It’s good for you!

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