It was about last year at this time when my husband and I went on the Wakefield Steam Train for the first (and sadly, probably the last) time. It was a wonderful crisp morning, the first snowfall of the year and we were booked on the brunch trip which took us to Wakefield while we were served a lavish and elegant brunch. After all the flooding this year, part of the track was destroyed and due to many other financial reasons as well, they decided not to run. It remains to be seen whether or not the train will be back up and running next year. However, I recently came across some (mostly)vintage photos of steam trains at night and was reminded of the beauty of these old machines.

The photos are lovely and ethereal in many ways. Take a few minutes to flip through the photos here and transport yourself to another time and place. Just a nice way to forget about your busy week for a few minutes.

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