Frivolous Friday and Pinterest!

Have you ever spent an afternoon searching through websites, looking for something in particular, which led you to something else? And then something else….and so on? This always seems to happen and I find myself making bookmarks or adding favourites, and the process is endless. But do I ever go back to those sites?  Sometimes, but often, I don’t even remember why I marked the site in the first place or what it was even about.  Isn’t there a better way, a visual way to keep everything sorted? Of course there is!

Pinterest is a wonderful site where you can “pin” things that interest you to a virtual bulletin board. It’s all there so that you can see everything and keep it all organized by subject or idea. You can pin pictures, websites, and even videos!

You have to request an invite to the site, but it’s supposedly fairly easy to join.  This is a fantastic site for people who are creative and who want to keep track of websites that have craft examples, or countless other ideas. They even have a fun blog that keeps track of everything going on in Pinterest (did you know that knitting items for your home decor are popular right now?). Have fun clicking through boards that other people have created.  You’ll find endless ideas and maybe a few sites to add to your own board.  Happy pinning!


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