And they made a house of gingerbread

Recently, we were asked to decorate a gingerbread house for a school/community fundraiser. Although the kit didn’t arrive until two days ago, I think we managed to do a fine job on our little house.  We all pitched in and decorated with gumdrops, smarties and LOTS of icing.

Shirley and Sheila when we started

The finished product!  Our little library chalet in the snow!

The front door.

Although some of us were a little hesitant to try decorating for the first time, all of the results were great!  (And we didn’t even eat much of the candy!)

The back of the house with our cute chimney made of chocolate rocks!

A tiny gingerbread kid having fun in the snow!

I don’t know where this house will end up, but hopefully Arklan school will have a great fund-raising evening!  Thanks for allowing us a little bit of fun! (Thanks also to Glenwyn for giving up your workspace so we could finish, and sorry, Janet…..we were on a deadline!)


2 thoughts on “And they made a house of gingerbread

  1. So pretty – I love that you painted it all red first, gets rid of so much of the drab brown. Decorating with kids isn’t quite the same – last year I bought my own so I could get the symmetry I was looking for.

    • Thanks, Laura. We actually coated it in red royal icing first, mainly because the structure was pretty cracked when we got it.

      But I know what you mean. Sometimes, just throwing icing and candies on it isn’t the same. But we had fun…

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