Halloween Craft Night

Where have we been?  Well!  It’s been a busy time here at the library and I haven’t had a chance to sit at a computer long enough to blog. We’ve had daycare visits, class visits, Halloween Craft Night and storytimes.  We’ve had to vote, do counts on Election Day, go to a variety of meetings and we’ve had visits from book representatives and lunches. And wouldn’t you know it, but the book selections for the Forest of Reading program were announced on Monday and we got a new computer (which had to be set up with all of our important programs).  So now, we’re looking forward to Thursday and Friday, and hopefully, a normal routine!

On Tuesday night, we had Halloween Craft night for kids aged 7 – 2. It was lots of fun, although a little hectic because someone (okay, it was me) double booked the program room and we had to wait for the seminar to finish before we could even set up for craft night. Regardless, it was a lot of spooky fun, filled with treats, games and crafts.

The room was decorated with wacky lanterns, big caution signs and skeletons.  We played a game of “Magic Eyeball”  and it predicted many wild things for our crafters. We ate candy that turned our tongues crazy colours and listened to spooky music and sounds all evening.

While the kids decorated giant freaky masks, several winners of a “build the skeleton” game tested out their prizes….a pair of glow in the dark vampire teeth. (And yes, they DID glow!)

Our spooky crafters!

At the end of the night, everyone went home with a great Halloween door hanger, a crazy mask, a box of yummy treats and at least a pair of Vampire teeth.  Keep watching for an announcement for our Christmas Craft night coming in December!

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