John Gotti Jr. writes a children’s book!

Why is it that people who have some sort of notoriety, be it good or bad, can get a book published and regular people have such a hard time doing so?  Early this year, Gambino crime family member John Gotti Jr. announced that he has written a children’s book (of all things!), and is trying to get it published.  The book, entitled Children of Shaolin Forest was supposedly written while Gotti was serving a sentence in prison and the illustrations were done by his cell mate!  Convenient, yes, but should people actually buy this book if it is ever published?  I’m sure that some publisher somewhere will want to get the book out there and there certainly will be sales of some sort, but maybe not enough to be viable to keep Gotti going as a writer. Will that matter?  Probably not.  Gotti says he’s continuing to write.

You can see an interview on the CBS show 60 Minutes with John Gotti discussing his newfound career right here.

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