Are Vampires dead?

Many of us are sick of the vampire craze in books.  There are countless series available, television shows based on the books, movies…and now, more books. (Insert big sigh here.)  Yes, many people are still asking for books abut the popular creature, but for those of us ordering and trying to fill our library shelves with great (and popular) reads, the vampire trend is getting a little stale.

If you aren’t aware of how the book publishing business works, it can take an author anywhere from a year or more to see their book published. So, the books that are coming out now, were actually written a year ago or more…when the trend was at its peak.  It makes you wonder how worried authors who came in on the end of it might be about how well their books will sell. So what’s coming out now?

If you followed the Twilight books by Stephenie Meyer, her latest installment called The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner is now available on shelves and available to read online for free until July 5th. You can’t download the book or print it out, but it really is like reading the book.  You can flip pages and the formatting makes it look like a genuine book.

Another hotly anticipated book this summer just arrived on shelves yesterday called The Passage by Justin Cronin.  This is vampires, very evil ones, for the adult market. You can read an interview with the author right here. There are two more books planned in this series, slated to be released in 2012 & 2014.

We have the Stephenie Meyer book available now (although there is a bit of a waiting list), and the Justin Cronin book is still on order, but we’re hoping to receive it soon and get it out for our patrons.

What do you think the next trend in books should be?  What do you want to read?


3 thoughts on “Are Vampires dead?

  1. It’s really hard to predict what the next trend will be…but I do agree that the vampire craze will probably fizzle out eventually. It’s just a bit difficult to tell when that will be. It seems there is always someone out there writing about vampires (Anne Rice’s vampire chronicles started up in the 70s, which is much earlier than Twilight or the Vampire Diaries etc. and yet her books are still popular) I think it depends on the fans of these books and I think they will be the ones to decide when they’ve had enough.

    I like murder mysteries and thrillers and there are plenty of those out there, so I have no idea what the next trend should/will be 🙂

    • You’re right! I forgot all about Anne Rice and her books (how could I forget those???)! Yes, I think there will always be vampire books because people love the idea, but I’m hoping the trend in everyone writing about the bloodsuckers will die down soon. 🙂

      I’d like to see a bit of a rise in mainstream science fiction or more adult paranormal the way urban fantasy and paranormal fantasy are big in YA books.

      Who knows? Maybe we’ll see a rise in Westerns! Ha!

  2. That would be awesome to see a rise in mainstream science fiction or adult paranormal.

    But then again, there could be a rise in Westerns…haha!

    I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see 😛 🙂

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