Adult literacy

We often have people that come in looking for books for new readers.  These books are often very short, with easy topics and vocabulary, aimed at children.  Not only do these books help beginning readers, but they are also useful for kids who might have English as a second language or just might be reluctant readers.  But what about adults? There is an often overlooked part of the population who just don’t have books aimed at them, and up until now, it has been difficult to find reading material that is not too immature.  Adults with literacy issues now have a solution.

Rapid Reads is a new corner in the publishing industry, brought about by Canadian publishers, Orca Books.  The rapid reads are a selection of books that contain only 12000 – 18000 words, simple sentences, contemporary plots but adult protagonists.  And the best part is that they are written by well known authors, such as Gail Bowen.  Authors were approached and asked to adapt their writing to make these fantastic easy read books for adults, a market which can be difficult to break.  Now, adults who might be learning English, those who are improving their reading skills and those who might just be very reluctant to read “normal” length novels have an option to pick up one of these Rapid Reads.  You can read more abou these great books and even see a few sample chapters on their website here.

Example of a Rapid Read book in the collection

There are more great tips and ideas to promote literacy in your life at ABC Life Literacy Canada, and the National Adult Literacy Database.

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