Are you ready for the Olympics?

We have lots of great books about the Winter Olympics at the library, so if you’d like to know a little more about the events that we’ll be seeing in the upcoming weeks, drop by and check out our sports section.  In the children’s area, we have a special table display with a variety of books on each winter sport, focusing on Canadian athletes, such as :

Miga, Quatchi and / et Sumi by Michael Murphy and Vicki Wong


Ski Jumping, Snowboarding and Speed Skating, all by Blaine Wiseman

Wiseman has covered each winter sport and there are plenty of other books along this subject in the library.

If you are interested in following the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, there is an official website that will lead you through.  You can drop by at any point and learn something about an athlete, see the schedule of events, buy tickets or something from the store.  Once the games begin, you can also watch events live on their site and see what the medal standings are on any given day.

We’re also getting ready to follow our athletes and to show our support.We created a few Olympic displays, celebrating the official mascots and more.

Go Canada!!

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