Does Google always know?

People often Twitter interesting things, and sometimes, they are worth a follow-up.  Sometimes, you wish you hadn’t.  Today,  I came across a very strange item that referred to Google and its intuitiveness, which often gives startling results, so I just had to try it.

Have you noticed that when you use Google to search, as you start typing in the Google box, it will begin to suggest topics based on the words you have already given.  Often, you don’t even have to finish typing your search as Google will bring it up on the list anyway and you can just click the item.

However, Google has built in some funny little quirks.  Why?  After doing some research, many people suspect that they are trying to keep the search engine interesting and used more often than any other search engine.  By providing an intuitive answer, not only will you find what you are searching for, but you’ll also be given a few choices that you might not have thought of.  And Google makes these extras really appealing sometimes, or at least, really off the wall!

The Twitter suggestion was to type in “Why won’t”.  That’s it.  Just two little words and Google will start to suggest what you might be looking for.  The results are downright wacky for this one (and a little disgusting, so be prepared if you try the search).  It certainly will make me watch Google whenever I search from now on.

So…what will you search for today?


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