I’ve wanted to “unfriend” several people this year

According to the New Oxford American Dictionary, the word of the year for 2009 is :


Unfriend, as in “to remove a friend on a social networking site such as Facebook” is the buzzword this year, and I must admit, I’ve been guilty of wanting to “unfriend” several people on my Facebook list.  Why do people unfriend? Sometimes, people just keep writing annoying posts.  Other times, they send you every link under the sun (to be clear, I do NOT want to join your group called “People who want to…….).  Complainers are big on my unfriend lists also.

But I have refrained from unfriending simply because I’m too afraid of insulting someone (especially when they are related.  I don’t want to start a family feud!).  But apparently, this isn’t something that I am alone in feeling.

You can read more of the words that made it into the dictionary this year right here.


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