Library Myths

There are many myths about librarians that we hear over and over.  I came across another site recently from a library that took a poll on the top 5 myths of the profession, and I have to say that we’ve heard them all here, also.  Here are the top 5:

#5.  Librarians have no stress.

Of course, we all know that in any job, stress can play a factor.  I can’t think of one job in the universe that is without stress.  Even though the library environment is peaceful and quiet (for the most part), we can come across stressful factors just as in any other job. (No need to elaborate.)

#4.  They pay you to read all day.

I wish that were the case, but ask any librarian and they’d probably tell you that they wish they had time to read.  We come across so many great books each day and wish there were enough hours in the day to read everything.  As far as I know, the only job where you’d be paid to read all day might be a publisher or literary agent, and most likely they’d say it wasn’t reading for pleasure.

#3.  Librarians are little old ladies with their hair pulled back and reading glasses.

I bet you’d have a hard time finding anyone like that in any library these days.  At our library, I’d like to think we are all quite fashionable in our own way and even if some of us wear glasses, they are not horn-rimmed or black.  Just saying.

#2.  Librarians have read every book in the library.

Although we see almost all of the books that come into the library (it depends on who catalogs the books), we couldn’t possibly read everything.  So when you come to the desk with an obscure book about the cheeses of the world, we may not be able to rhapsodize about each chapter, but we might be able to tell you we enjoyed looking at it.

And the #1 library myth?  Librarians know the answer to everything.

Of course we do!  No, really we don’t, but it seems that people expect us to know just about everything.  One thing we are good at though, is finding out the answer if someone comes to us with a question.  So give us a little time, and we’ll probably be able to get you what you’re looking for.

If you’d like to read the full article about library myths, you can visit here.

What else do you think about librarians?


4 thoughts on “Library Myths

    • Ah….very interesting article. I’m not sure what to think about that exactly. I would think that your job is what you make it and it depends on what you do as a librarian. I find my particular position to be constantly changing and updated, but I would think if all you did all day was catalog books, then yes, it could be particularly repetitive.

  1. I have grey hair and glasses but it is short and spunky hair! In my own mind, I know everything – I wish! Most nights I am too tired to read anything.

    Libraries are also workplaces filled with conflict and dysfunctional people. Libraries are wonderful.

    • Thanks for the comment. You are right on the money about those things. If only people who worked outside of the library environment understood.

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