Why do they look like this?

For another “Frivolous Friday” edition of the blog, I came across photographer Robbie Cooper‘s work called ” Immersion”.  Here are a few photos from the collection:



23game.4So what exactly do the pictures portray?  Cooper took photos of kids immersed in various video games and you can see how focused they are.  If you’ve ever played a video game of any kind (and my sister will attest to a sore lip all because she stuck her tongue out during an entire afternoon of Super Mario), you’ll know that it is not only body language that gets used.  Facial expressions are also high on the list and Cooper captures it brilliantly.  You can see more of the photos here, as they appeared in a feature for the New York Times.  Keep in mind that some of the work that Cooper does is VERY controversial, but this collection of photos is brilliant.  You’ll get a chuckle out of them.


36 thoughts on “Why do they look like this?

  1. A great picture of what parents should be teaching–no more than an hour a day on video games or these expressions will be permenate. lol. It’s scary how video games have become a way of life and in some instances, instead of life.

  2. Is it just me, or is anyone else wondering why some of these kids are playing games such as Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty? Interesting pics, nevertheless…

  3. that is soo true.. well most of us live with that facial expression, having a young brother or myself playing because i can assure you that is someone took a picture of me i would look no different than any of thesee and what thesee pictures miss are the little tong action while playing like sticking it out or to the side.. you know

  4. thank you so much for posting about that. i just checked out some more of his work and it’s totally interesting. i’m way into it. thanks again!

  5. I did chuckle. Thank you. Not really surprised though. ‘Immersion-levels’ are valid criteria for judging how good a game is. Its spooky how that is. Its almost as if we’re paying to totally forget the fact that we exist. Or maybe its just the Sunday evening getting to me.

    • No, I think you might have something there. Entertainment is all about losing ourselves in something and the deeper we go, the more fun we think it is.

  6. Wow… weird faces. You had me stumped.

    I was glad for the Jill Greenberg link, too. Those photos did speak to me of the anguish we’re leaving the next generations with decisions made now on behalf of the environment.

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