Hardy Boys Day!

Today is Hardy Boys Day at the Carleton Place Public Library!  We are off to the Victoria School Museum this afternoon for a tour of our local history with the theme being the Hardy Boys.  Many of you might not know this, but one of the earliest writers of the Hardy Boys was actually from Carleton Place.  Our young readers will be excited to learn the facts.

hardyboys2Leslie McFarlane was born right here in Carleton Place, raised in Haileybury, Ontario and later moved to the US where he enjoyed a successful writing career for many years.  While there, he began writing under the pseudonym Franklin W. Dixon , who was the author credited for the Hardy Boys series (and still is, in many cases).  The series followed two brothers, Frank and Joe Hardy who were the sons of ace detective Fenton Hardy, and they were continuously solving cases in the town of Bayport.  The series was created by Edward Stratemeyer in 1927 and continues in many forms today such as the long standing novel format as well as graphic novel format. The latter is quite popular with our readers today, featuring very contemporary characters and scenarios.


The interesting thing about the early works is that even though they had a string of ghostwriters penning the books, they had a very strict set of guidelines to follow, which included the rules to keep deaths to a minimum, use lots of action verbs and absolutely NO kissing!  However, the earlier books were also filled with many racial stereotypes that would not be acceptable today, so in the late fifties, the early books were re-issued and edited to change those stereotypes.

You can find great information about the Hardy Boys and subsequent series at the Hardy Boys page, here.

Check back later to see the fun we had at the museum today!  We’re looking forward to a great tour and some mystery crafts!


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