I thought I’d heard everything until I came across this idea of a new way for your pets to travel.  Many of my co-workers have pets, although I don’t think any of them would go so far as to use this form of travel, but there must be a need for it.  On regular airlines, if you are traveling with a pet, they must be checked in with your baggage and they end up making the trip with the rest of the cargo while you worry about them up in your comfort class seat.

A new airline called PetAirways does it very differently.  You check in with your pet at the airport at their special booth and the pet is loaded onto a plane with other animals.  The best part is that they all sit up in the passenger area, not down below, and they are taken for regular bathroom breaks so that they are comfortable.  The plane then takes off and meets you at your destination, where your pet will be walked and then will meet you at the gate.  You can even track the progress of the flight or make arrangements for your pet to have accommodation overnight if you cannot pick him up right away.  Luxury.

Of course, if you are just thinking of getting a pet, we have a huge assortment of books on the subject from ferrets to dogs to salamanders.  We also have a wonderful travel section that is sure to spark your imagination.  So, if you have the wanderlust and you just can’t bear to leave Fluffy at home, take a look at PetAirways as an alternative.

It does make me wonder, in this world of excessive air quality problems and the fact that we are all trying to be a little more environmentally friendly, how anyone could justify an entire plane…..just for animals.  What do you think?

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