Paper Quilling

I find the art of paper quilling absolutely fascinating.  That someone can create such beautiful pieces simply from rolling paper and gluing it onto a larger work (I’m aware it is MUCH more complicated than this), is thrilling.  But in all my travels, I have only seen quilling in its utmost simplistic form.  Imagine my delight when I ran across an artists who loves quilling, typography and highly-detailed work.  her name is Yulia Brodskaya and she does something she calls “papergraphics”.  Her images are highly sought out for advertising as well as their artistic appeal.  You may have even seen her work in magazines or on television.

Here are a few samples of her lovely work.  You can see more of her work as well as her other interests on her website here.



If you want to know more about paper quilling, there are many great websites to get you started.  One really good resource is a paper quilling ideas and patterns page which gives detailed basic shapes and also ideas on how to use those shapes.   A Google book search came up with this great book by Malinda Johnston called Paper Quilling. You can see detailed pages of the book here and get a feel for projects she introduces in her book.  We have this book in our library, so if you are interested in trying something new, pop in and check it out.


There are also countless blogs devoted to the art of paper quilling.  I find blogs will keep you up to date on fresh ideas, so it’s worth looking these once in a while if you are getting into the art.


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