I came across a website devoted entirely to making you smile each day, and I really wasn’t sorry.  The first thing I came across was this delightful little group of pictures devoted to an adorable hedgehog.




Of course, we have a ton of books about these little guys in our library, and surprisingly, most of them are fiction!  It seems that hedgehogs are such sweet little animals that they can star in children’s fiction without a problem.  Of course, we also have some books on the care and feeding of the animals, so if you are looking for a new pet, we just might have some ideas for you.

hedgehogHedgehog, by Michael Leach

hallHedgehogs in the Hall by Ben Baglio

blastsHedgie Blasts Off by Jan Brett

Did you know that in the wild (wild hedgehogs?), these animals mainly eat a diet of bugs, but the domesticated animals have a diet of cat food, ferret food, cooked eggs and cooked poultry?  When encountering strange smells or tastes, hedgehogs will froth at the mouth, throw their heads back and deposit the froth onto their quills, although no one really knows the physiological reason for this.  You can find out more information at Hedgehog Central, Hedgehogs.org or the International Hedgehog Association.


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