Want a book review?

People are always asking us about books that are on our shelves and whether or not the book is good.  Many times, one of the staff has either read the book or that particular author, so we can give an opinion, but not always.  Our own library catalog offers a bit of a blurb on each new book that we enter into our system, but what if you want to know a bit more about a book?

I came across a site that offers book reviews, done often by professional book reviewers as well as just avid readers,  and has detailed information about authors, even offering interviews done with authors through the years.  The site is called Mostly Fiction Book Reviews and you can stop by to see if a book you’ve been wanting to read is really as good as you hoped.

You can find book awards lists, suggestions for kids, award winners  as well as many other ways to search the site.  It isn’t a flashy site and you might not find what you want, but it is worth a look if you are serious about reading reviews before reading a book.


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