Do you YouTube or Google?


I often use Google to find information, at least a dozen or more times a day and it is usually a great help.  I work at a library and I am still stunned by how often people don’t use the internet to find information.  Many people are still back in the dark ages when it comes to doing research online about anything, and although I know that you have to be careful about what you read online, many times you can find something useful, or at least something which will lead you on the path to finding the correct answer.

But more and more lately, I find that I am not “googling” to find information, but rather, I’m turning to YouTube.  It used to be just a place where people posted videos about tornado watching or crazy pets and even themselves singing.  But now, people are posting wonderful, useful videos about every subject you can imagine, and many times they are simple and creative and exactly what I am looking for.  And it seems I’m not the only one who has “discovered” this little gem.

An article in the NY Times talks about the fact that our youngest generation is not a Google generation anymore, but a YouTube generation.  They are using the videos as research tools more often than turning to Google for help.  Does that have something to say about this new generation?  Google tends to be print based, with still photos and links, whereas YouTube is vibrant, active video.  It is alive and instant and exactly the way our young people are demanding their information now.

YouTube is owned by Google, so essentially I guess we’re still using Google, but the medium is unique and starting to overtake the traditional way of searching.

How do you search for information online?


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