Where is my tripod?

I take a lot of pictures at the library.  I like to keep a visual record of storytimes, summer programs and special events that take place in the library.  But it would be fun to get into the picture once in a while.  So what about a tripod?  Tripods are limited in where you can place them, however.  You must have a flat surface and be able to either set your camera on a timer or have a remote.  Now, there is a new kind of tripod that can be used almost anywhere!

This Stick-anywhere tripod uses a viscoelastic polymer base to allow you to place it almost anywhere, at any angle.  How great is this?  What about using your video camera in the same way?  You could get some really interesting views by placing the camera up high or back in an unobtrusive corner.

You can order the tripod here:



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