Bubble Tea, Sushi and a Stone Bowl

Bubble Tea

Lately, we’ve seen more and more Asian influence popping up in restaurants in the vicinity of Carleton Place. Within a half hour drive, you can have Chinese food, Thai food, Cambodian food, Japanese food, or Korean food. It would be nice to add a Vietnamese place to the list, but I don’t know of a good one yet. And now, on our main street, we have Bubble Tea! Some of us at the library are excited to try it, and others have been less enthralled by the idea, but we’ll see what happens.

I am a big fan of sushi lately, but have not tried to make it a home. And the Korean stone bowl is one of my favourites, with kimchi on the side. Yum! However, there are lots of great cookbooks out there to provide step-by-step instructions for all kinds of Asian food. Try:

Madhur Jaffrey’s Step-By-Step Cooking

But what about dessert? I’m a dessert person and although I enjoy the little fortune cookies or orange slices that you get traditionally at the end of a meal, I always thought there should be something more. I came across a fabulous site that does just that….makes traditional sushi with very untraditional ingredients. It’s dessert sushi!

Twinkie Sushi!

Ice cream Sushi!

You can read the whole article on a blog called Not Martha. She has some wonderful links there to different kinds of dessert sushi. You can even order chocolate sushi. How fun!

So maybe I can enjoy a trip to a restaurant and come home to chocolate sushi and my night would be complete.


6 thoughts on “Bubble Tea, Sushi and a Stone Bowl

  1. >Bubble Tea…Korean stone bowl

    At first I didn’t get it…but you’re referring to タピオカティー (“Tapioca Tea”) and 石焼 / ビビンバ (“Ishiyaki” / “Bibinba”).

    And you should try regular Japanese desserts!

  2. Tapioca tea is actually what it is, but bubble tea is the term I’ve heard commonly used. And yes, the stone bowl is bibimbap.

    Regular japanese desserts? Give me a suggestion, please! 🙂

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