Chalk it up to the artist!

(Chalk drawing by artist Kurt Wenner)

A while back in our local newspaper, I remember reading a letter to the editor about “disruptive” chalk drawings that children were making on someone’s street. She was upset because of a lengthy game of hopscotch that was apparently stretching down several blocks. The children in her area were playing an epic game that only contained chalk on the sidewalks, which of course, easily washes away in the rain. What would that lady think if she saw more than a simple game on her sidewalks?

Artist Kurt Wenner has been drawing amazing pieces of art on streets for years now, using mostly chalk. If you see any of his works, you can hardly believe that his images are simply drawings. They give the effect of 3D images with such a sense of depth that you’d swear you were going to “fall” right off the edge of a street or down a hole! Did you notice all of the literary images in the first picture?

You can find more of his images on this interesting site:

or also at :

Are there any books out there that can help you learn how to do this? Sure! Of course, you’d probably have to go through years of training and have loads of talent to become s skilled s Mr. Wenner, but you can always try one of these beginning art books:

Drawing with Charcoal, Chalk and Sanguine Crayon by Gabriel Martin Roig.

First Lessons in Drawing and Painting by Jack Hamm


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