We’ve got your number!

It’s Frivolous Friday once again and today, my question involves a book that we all have in our homes, although maybe different versions. No, it’s not the Bible. It’s….the phone book! Here in my little town of Carleton Place, there seems to be a strange phenomenon going on. Our population in this town specifically is not quite 10000 people, and yet, for reasons I cannot explain, we seem to get a new phone book delivered to our door almost every month. Okay, it probably isn’t every month, but we have so many phone books right now and it is only May, I can’t even imagine why these are still being delivered?!

These are the telephone books in my house right now.

First of all, why do we need so many phone books that all have the same phone numbers in them? It’s not like we’re all changing our numbers every month. And why do we need a large print book, a regular print, a book that includes towns just outside of our own, and a book that seems to just have a different cover? Aren’t we all supposed to be thinking about the environment and saving trees? I know that I just end up recycling the books now almost as soon as we get them, but I’m sure that this isn’t the solution. In my household, we are only two people and we more often than not, search for a phone number online. I don’t even really need the paper books, so why should I be forced to receive them?

Then, there are the large yellow pages and white pages that are delivered once a year. For the past several years, these have sat up on a shelf in my home, still wrapped in plastic, until we get the next year’s books. One year not too long ago, the delivery company decided to stop bringing these books directly to our doors. Instead, they left piles of the books beside the big red boxes where everyone on our street picks up their mail. The piles remained. The snow came. The books were eventually covered in snow and then pushed out of the way by the snow plow so that we could have access to our mail. I guess at some point, someone removed them, but I know that not many people took them home as we were supposed to. I guess not many people felt the need for a new set of books. Needless to say, the following year, they were back at our front doors.

So….if we are supposed to be concerned about the environment and recycling etc., shouldn’t we be able to opt out of telephone books? What do you think?


2 thoughts on “We’ve got your number!

  1. Yes! It drives me batty, especially since none of them seem to have the number I ever want and I end up looking up on-line anyway. My own name is in twice – once for our current number (though not with the right initials) and our old number that we haven’t been at for close to 2 years. It seems like it is more of a book of the same advertisements for different businesses and if the business doesn’t pay for the entry, they aren’t included – naturally this is the one I’m looking for.

  2. Exactly! At least, if they insist on printing more than one phone book each year, they could delay a second printing until part way through the year to cover businesses that may have started after the first printing and moves that people have made. Just a thought…

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