Feeling Less Than Creative?

Starting this week, we’re taking registrations for our “Find Your Creative Self” program–a six-week session meant to help adults who are feeling less that creative. We meet for two hours a week and work through things that might be holding you back, as well as doing a variety of creative activities, and a few bits of homework to keep you inspired throughout the week.

Using the books THE ARTIST’S WAY by Julia Cameron, BIG MAGIC by Elizabeth Gilbert, and many other great creativity tomes, we’ll delve into the root of that dry spell. This isn’t like our adult craft nights—instead, it’s more like a therapy session, but we promise, it’ll be a LOT of fun, too!

Registration is a must, and this program will fill up fast. Call us to register at 257-2702, or drop by the library to sign up. It’s going to be a very educational spring!


Do you Haiku?

April is Poetry Month, and we’re celebrating! Do you want to learn more about Haiku? Discover the real power of the smallest poems in the world. See how just a few words can open a universe, and learn how to write them. “The Power of Haiku” takes place on Tuesday, April 10th at 6pm.

This wonderful event will be presented by Claudia Radmore, author of Fish Spine Picked Clean. Registration is required, so please call the library to find out how to get on the list. Spaces are limited. Trust us, you won’t want to miss this.

Anne, Our Anne

If you’re Canadian, you have seen your fair share of Heritage Minutes. Usually accompanied by a sweeping soundtrack, the short clips played on CBC would tell about an important moment in Canadian history. Today, they’re still being made, but they’re so gorgeous now!

Here is the latest installment…a Heritage Minutes spot about Lucy Maud Montgomery, and her heroine Anne. You might have heard of her? She lived in Green Gables.

The spot highlights the beauty of PEI, and tells a little about ANNE OF GREEN GABLES, as well as Lucy Maud Montgomery herself. She almost didn’t publish ANNE, but persevered, even though she was told it would be too difficult as a woman to get published.

This series is a favourite of our former librarian, Janet. Every time one of the books crosses the library desk at work, we’re reminded how much she cherishes them.

Have you read the series? Do you have a favourite?

Magic, Comedy, and more!

We have a few tickets left for Eccentric Adam at the Carleton Place Town Hall tomorrow morning at 10am. He’ll be delighting the whole family with his magical antics, and you won’t want to miss it.  It’s a great way to get out of the house for a few hours.

Tickets are $3 until 8pm tonight at the library…..but tomorrow, they are $4 each at the door. So, save yourself a little money and get them today! We’re waiting for you!

Are you a Bookworm?

This week, we’re doing a little bit of special FUN-draising at the library. With all of the kids off for March Break, we’re looking to add a bit of excitement to an already busy week…and it’ll help us out, too!

Drop in anytime this week and donate $1 toward our Children’s Summer Literacy Program, and you’ll get a piece to add to our bookworm. We’re going to see just how long this bookworm can get. Maybe he’ll grow to the entire length of the library….or maybe he’ll even get TWICE as long!  Who knows?  It’s all up to you.

So, bring your loonies with you, and we’ll do the rest.  All of the proceeds go toward helping young community members who need a little extra reading help over the summer. We’ll be telling you more about this great program as the weeks go on, but without your support, we might have to scale it back. So please donate. Even one dollar will make a big difference.

And if you can’t make it into the library, you can always donate online. It’s easy…and you don’t even have to get out of your pajamas!


Thanks from all of us at the Carleton Place Public Library! Your generous support means so much to us, and will mean even more to a little reader out there.


Digital Device Workshop

Not sure how to use your tablet as much as you think you should? Still trying to figure out your new phone? We’re holding another Digital Device workshop next week where you can ask all the questions you have, and share some of your own tricks.

Think of this as Group Tech Tutoring. If you’ve been to a private tech session with Caroline, but need a little more help, try this type of session. You might be surprised at how much you already know, and how you might be able to help someone else.

Please call us to register for the session which happens on Tuesday, March 20 from 2-4pm.

Local Authors Exposed!

Last Friday night, we had a fun event at our library–Local Authors Exposed. We invited four local authors and a fabulous moderator to join us for an evening of questions about publishing, writing, and creativity. It was really well attended and an enjoyable evening overall.

What did the authors teach us?

  • Never give up. Rejection doesn’t mean you aren’t talented.
  • Every writer struggles. Just push through and you’ll find a way to do it.
  • Social media is important, and a great way to market books!

We could have stayed and listened for several more hours. But most of all, we learned that our community really loves authors. We’ll have to plan more events like this at the library in the future! (*We might even have something special coming up. Keep watching!)

Claudia Radmore tells us about ARCTIC TWILIGHT. It was fascinating to hear how she got this book deal. Can you believe it involved an open mic night?

Linda Seccaspina was a fantastic moderator. She had so much good information about publishing. How much did she saw the average author earned?? (Hint…it was less than $2000.)


Sandra Nikolai does social media for all her books..and must market for the US readers, so all of her books contain US spellings.