Carleton Place Celebrates!

This year, Carleton Place is celebrating its 200th Anniversary, and the town has already got lots of ideas going. If you’re interested, you can drop by the official website to find out about the events, people and more. We’re only a few days into the year, but already, there is lots going on.

At the library, we’ll be doing our own celebrating—with fun, weekly social media posts, and events linked to the community. Keep watching this space, our Facebook page and more to see what we’ve got planned.

First up….we’ve got something coming next week to tickle your funny bone. Let’s celebrate!


Breaking all the Rules

This week at our Carleton Place Public Library Writers’ Group, we talked about not being the exception when writing. There are certain rules that writers need to follow…stylistically, grammatically, and with regards to voice and format. You can’t write a novel in Comic Sans font, for example, and expect for a publisher to fall all over you to publish it. (They might, but it will probably take some convincing.) The rules can be broken, but it takes something completely out of this world for the exception to be made. If writers stop thinking of themselves as the exception, they’ll probably do much better and have their work recognized earlier.

Recently, however, author Anna Burns became one of the exceptions. MILKMAN, while not her first novel to be published (or win her accolades), won the prestigious Man Booker Prize for literature. She became the first North Ireland author to win the award…but this isn’t the reason her work has had such controversial and yet glowing reviews.

MILKMAN is written in first person, although she doesn’t give any of her characters specific names.  The main character is known as ‘middle sister’, for example, and she interacts with “mother”, “maybe-boyfriend”, and of course, ‘Milkman’. While this might be tricky for some readers, it’s part of what makes this book stand out–and makes Burns an ‘exception’ author. But while the fine points might be gimmicky, the writing has to be stellar in order to win such a sought-after prize as the Man Booker, so don’t let that little item distract you.

We have a copy of MILKMAN at the library, if you’re interested in reading it. Place a hold, or stop in to see if it’s available. I think this might be something our writers would be interested in getting their hands on.


Join the Flock!

For the entire month of January, if you donate $1 toward our Summer Literacy Tutoring Program, you’ll become one of the flock!

You’ll receive a cute sheep to put in our yard, and a fun take-home bookmark as a thank you. We’d love to fill up this entire yard with sheep, so bring a loonie the next time you drop by the library. Don’t be sheepish about donating.

Support a young reader…you’ll be “wooly” happy you did!

Teen Poetry Show!

The Carleton Place Public Library Teen Advisory Group has dreamed up a fun event for the March Break for teens. We’re having a poetry slam night!

Applications for this event are available now at the library. Drop by if you love to perform your poetry, or if you’d like us to display it only. It’s going to be a fun night to spend with your friends, and hear some great performances!

Make sure to get your application in before February 28, and we’ll contact you about taking part. Ages 12 and up only.

New Year, New Idea

If you’ve been thinking about making a small change to help the environment, you’ve probably thought about how to produce less physical garbage. Plastics are one of the biggest problems, and let’s face it, they are found on everything.

HOW TO GIVE UP PLASTIC : SAVE THE WORLD ONE PLASTIC BOTTLE AT A TIME by Will McCallum, is a new book we have in our library that might help you achieve the goal of less plastic in your life. Written by one of the leaders in the anti-plastic movement, the book is full of informative statistics, quotes from influential people in Government, entertainment, and business, and contains lots of ideas on how you can reduce your plastic footprint.

If you don’t see it in the new bin, ask us to place a hold and we’ll let you know when it comes back in for you! We have lots of other interesting books on the subject as well, so make sure we point you in the right direction.

Une Heure de Conte en Francais

We’re changing things up a little!  Une Heure de Conte en Francais is moving to Saturdays at 1pm! Join us for a fun half hour French Storytime for young ones with some French vocabulary. There is no age limit, and no registration is required. Just stop in at the library at 1pm on Saturdays for some French stories, songs, and more!

Starting January 26th!


We hope you’ve had a great holiday, and are looking forward to getting back into the swing of things!

We’re starting programs at the library this week, so make sure you drop by our website to download and print your own copy. Many of them require registration, and we don’t want anyone to miss out!