Library Lemonade Stand Kick-Off for Summer Reading!

Tomorrow is our Library Lemonade Stand Summer Reading Kick-Off!  Join us on the front steps of the library from 1:30 – 3:30pm (rain or shine), for a glass of lemonade, and lots of fun!  You can also pick up all of your registration kits for the TD Summer Reading Club, for Adult Summer Reading, and our Teen Book Buck Bingo cards. Plus, our library will be all decked out for summer. Don’t be surprised if you see a fun character or two.

You’ll also be able to fill out a ballot starting tomorrow for one of our very special Library Gold Cards. Win one of these, and you won’t have any library fines for 150 days…that’s almost until the end of November! Exciting, right?

It’s going to be a busy day, as the library will be closed for the holiday weekend, so drop in sometime Thursday or Friday to pick up books, DVDs, museum passes and more. We’re kicking off with lots of great things!

Happy Canada 150!

Community Celebration Parade

This week, we’re busy getting ready for the Library Lemonade Stand Summer Reading Kick Off on Thursday, June 29th from 1:30-3:30pm.  While we would have loved to participate in the Canada 150 Community Celebration Parade at 6:30pm here in Carleton Place, we hope that maybe you’ll be able to attend both events.

The Carleton Place Celebrates Canada 150 group says the parade will start on Bridge Street around 6:30pm. After the parade, everyone is going to meet at the Market Square for entertainment and refreshments. What a great way to kick off summer, and have a little pre-Canada Day celebration.

If you’re planning on being in Ottawa for Canada Day, this is a great event to take part in to show your town pride. Make sure you get a good spot early enough….this is going to be a big event!

CBC Books Summer Reading List

Read the North. That’s our adult summer reading club slogan. And while we want you to TRY some Canadian authors this summer, we understand that not everyone can do without their favourite-author fix.The CBC has put together their Summer Reading List, and there are some great books here to help augment your summer reading.

You can save their list as a PDF with all of the titles and authors, or click on each book cover to read a bit about the book and the author. We have a lot of these books in our library, so get your holds list going early. You don’t want to be left out in the cold this summer (unless it’s really hot, and then it might be nice to feel a bit chilly).

Happy Reading!

Summer Reading Toolkit

The wonderful people who put together the TD Summer Reading Club have put together a fun toolkit to help parents, teachers, and librarians prep for summer reading. If you’re looking for ways to keep (or get) your kids interested in summer reading, this is a great place to start. There is a fun quiz to start, which will help determine what type of summer reading club your child might be interested in, and then a download with tons of suggestions province-wide. Even if you happen to be leaving the area for the summer, most libraries do participate in the TD Summer Reading Club, in some way, shape, or form. While we all do something a little bit different, everyone will have access to the stickers and booklets as motivation.

If you’re in Carleton Place this summer, don’t forget, we have our Library Lemonade Stand Summer Reading Kick-Off on Thursday, June 29th from 1:30 – 3:30pm. We’ll be handing out information for summer reading, giving out invitations, and answering all your questions about the program. We have some fun things planned for our readers…so stay tuned!

Manga Saves the Day!

A few years back, author Marie Kondo took the world by storm with her book, THE LIFE CHANGING MAGIC OF TIDYING UP.  We’ve talked about this book quite a bit on the blog, as it is essentially a kindness guide to getting rid of your stuff. While millions of people really enjoyed the aspects of reducing the amount of things they had in their homes, it probably never extended to kids. Kondo is about to change all of that.

With THE LIFE-CHANGIN MANGA OF TIDYING UP, she’s targeting kids and teens who love reading manga books. Hopefully, they’ll get as excited as everyone else about the concepts in this book and clean up their rooms. Parents can be hopeful. (I can see this book being a BIG gift at Christmas.)

But really, it’s a great and easy concept that was incredibly brilliant to adapt to a manga format. What do you think? Do you have someone you’ll buy this book for? Only time will tell how well it will do, but it has definite possibilities.

Not enough books in the world?

This is an interesting concept, but I wonder if it’s necessary. Audible, a subscription audiobook service, has been making such a profit, it just announced that it is going to commission playwrites to write new works for it’s listeners. The $5 million dollar fund will be used worldwide to have playwrites develop one and two-person works that showcase powerful performances of the written word. If you’ve ever listened to a great audiobook—or one that was performed poorly—you’ll know that this could be really exciting for listeners. However, it makes me wonder if Audible thinks there just aren’t enough good books being written now that they have to go outside of the literary world for new material.But, on the other hand, this is fantastic news for those creative playwrites doing amazing one-person work. It’s a great chance to get their work out there, and hopefully develop new ties to arts communities. It might also get their work out there to people who wouldn’t normally go to plays. You can read the whole article about the fund here.

Fun idea, or not necessary? What do you think?

Grisham is Launching!

John Grisham is going on his first book tour in over 25 years this summer, and along with the tour, he’ll be launching a podcast! Is he reinventing himself?

While book tours are not the norm anymore (publishers just don’t have the money for book tours like they used to), many of the big authors still get to do them. It’s almost ironic to note that many of the bigger authors don’t need to tour in hopes of getting sales, nor do they like to tour. But John Grisham is breaking all the rules this year.

He’s setting out on a US tour to promote his latest novel, CAMINO ISLAND, but maybe he had the podcast in mind all along. In fact, the podcast is called “Book Tour with John Grisham”, and he’ll record a new episode at each stop on the tour with some of the other authors that will be touring with him. Won’t it be interesting to hear about his writing, and about touring as an author? A new episode will be released each week.

It sounds like it’s going to be an interesting summer! If you want to read an excerpt from CAMINO ISLAND, you can check out this link.