Legos, French Stories, and Holidays

Yes, it’s a busy day here at the library. Don’t forget, we’re back to our regularly scheduled French Storytime at 10:30am. This is for all ages, and no registration is required. We have great stories for the whole family, and a simple colouring session to keep everyone busy.

While you’re here, plan on staying for our Lego Drop in this afternoon between 2-4pm. Sure, it might not be a PA Day for everyone, but if you are around and looking for something for your young one to do, we’ll have lots of Lego out to play with. Plan on staying…this will be largely unsupervised.

SPIRITEDAnd don’t forget, the library will be CLOSED on Monday, February 15 for Family Day. Please keep all returns until Tuesday at 9am when the blue return box will go out. Don’t worry…you won’t be charged any fines for the days we’re not open.

Have a wonderful long weekend!

Diverse Canadian Books

If you follow any sort of book group on Facebook or Twitter, no doubt you’ve seen the discussion of diversity–or lack thereof–in books. Not only are people tired of not seeing themselves in books, they’re championing for diverse authors, illustrators and stories.

Diversity can mean many things–race, religion, political beliefs, disabilities (both obvious ones and hidden), and even body types. While so many books are written by and about Caucasian people, not everyone can identify with this, and really, we all want to see ourselves in books. We want to feel included, not excluded, and so diversity in books is so important.

The 49th Shelf has a fabulous selection of diverse books by Canadian authors and illustrators, and they’re always adding more to their collection. You can stop by their page and search in multiple ways for great ideas, such as these:

diverse.jpgWe need diverse books, and only through constant interaction from the public will things change in the publishing business and book world in general. It needs to start at the top, with more diversity seen in those choosing the books being published, and more people with diverse backgrounds writing the books they’d like to see on the shelves. It will take time, but we’ll get there.

Slow Mail

Does anyone write letters anymore? We sure hope so! And February is the perfect month to think about writing a special letter to someone—yourself in the future, a loved one, or maybe even to someone you don’t really know, but would like to share some kind words with.

20160208_163601SLOW MAIL is our newest library fun! Write a letter at our special table, address it, and we’ll mail it out….a year from now! (No, we’re not trying to compete with the Post Office, as you can see.)  This is a great way to see what you’re thinking right now….and mail yourself some goals. Or send your sweetheart a letter telling them how much they mean to you. Think of this as a time capsule. You’ll probably forget all about it, and then next year–bingo! Your mail will arrive. What a fun surprise, right?

20160208_163554To get you inspired, we’ve put out a really great selection of books on letter writing that might help you figure out what you want to say. I’m getting out my pen and paper right now. Are you?

It’s Valentine’s Craft Night at the Library!

Untitled design(2)It’s Valentine’s Craft Night at the library….our first craft night of the year! We’re looking forward to having our young friends join us for crafts, games, and treats tonight from 6-7pm.

Our craft nights are always popular, and the spaces have been filled for a while, so make sure to keep an eye on the blog or our Facebook page for future events like this.

What are we making tonight? Check out our Facebook page tomorrow to see the results. I’m sure there will be a red heart, or two.

March Break Menu!

We’re excited to put out our “March Break Menu” today for a fun week of programs (March 14-18, 2016) and drop-in events for our patrons of all ages. Please stop by to pick up your copy and get signing up for programs–they’ll fill up fast!

Most of our events are free (except for the DANGERBOY performance on Thursday, March 17th), but we do require registration for a lot of them, so please read the guidelines carefully to avoid disappointment.

You’ll also notice that we have plenty of great things going on every single day that don’t require you to attend a program. If you’re here with kids and need something to do while you’re waiting for another child who might be signed up for a program, take part in one of the fun things like our Interactive Mr. Potato Head, or Doodle on the Moon. We’ll also have I Spy, a Teen Scavenger Hunt, and much, much more….so don’t miss out. We’re the hottest destination in town for March Break!

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It’s Almost Babytime Again!

BabytimeWe’re excited that Babytime is starting up soon, and that means registration is beginning this week. This is a fun six-week program for babies and moms (or dads, or grandmas, or caregivers etc.), that allows for great bonding, meeting new people, and learning early literacy skills. Believe it or not, babies get a lot out of these programs, but so do the moms.

Register now for the sessions which will begin on March 3rd running through April 14th. They happen every Thursday morning at 9:30am, and are aimed at babies aged 0-12 months. These are always really popular sessions, so sign up early to avoid disappointment, as spaces are limited. You can either give us a call, or drop by the library to learn more.

The babies are coming! The babies are coming!

Lego Lego

LEGOIt’s an unusual day for a PA day, but some of the schools have one today. While there is NO STORYTIME this morning, we do have a Lego Drop In this afternoon from 2-4pm. We’ll have a fun challenge laid out, but the kids can make whatever they like. Drop in for a few minutes or stay the whole time….it’s fun for all ages!

Just a note, this is not a drop-off service. Parents, please stay with your younger children as this will be mostly unsupervised.

Happy Lego-ing!