Welcome to Kindergarten!

Did you know that the library participates in Welcome to Kindergarten events at our local schools? It’s a great way to tell parents about library programs, support early literacy, and also to form bonds with our schools. After all, we do many things within our community schools, and this is a nice way to help support their programs.

If you have a young person heading off to school this year, no doubt you’ll be going to a Welcome to Kindergarten event. At each event, you’ll learn about the school, discover all of the great things your child will be doing in the fall, and take home a wonderful bag stuffed with information, books, literacy supplies and more. You’ll also be able to talk with members of the literacy community, like librarians, the Ontario Early Years Centre and more. All of us are involved in the the Learning Partnership that helps to support schools and early literacy, to make our young people ready for school, and support those who might need some extra help to succeed.

It’s just another way libraries help to make our communities stronger.

Eight Interesting Questions with Jonathan Auxier

18405537This year, during class visits from St. Mary’s Catholic School, we’ve been reading THE NIGHT GARDENER by Jonathan Auxier. It’s a dark, wonderful tale, and the kids have been enjoying it so much, I’ve even had children stop me in the grocery store begging me to tell them  a few secrets from upcoming chapters. (I don’t.)

So when I came across an interview with Auxier that uses questions from eight other children’s book authors, I was super interested to hear what he had to say.  You can read the full interview by clicking here.

If my group of writers doing Camp NaNoWriMo could take away one great piece of advice from this interview, I think it would be regarding distractions. Auxier doesn’t even have INTERNET ACCESS on his phone or computer! Wow. That’s dedication to writing.

The Green Serial

king.jpgIt was 20 years ago that Stephen King released his now famous book THE GREEN MILE in a monthly serial format. Readers had to wait for the next tiny chapter to be published…or until the entire book was put together into one novel…but they didn’t seem to mind. It was an old way of releasing a book, but new to most of King’s fans. And boy, did we read!

Now, to mark the 20th anniversary of the wildly successful book, S & S/Scribner is taking it all back and re-releasing the book in serial format to a new set of readers, and this time they’re going digital!  THE GREEN MILE is one of the many books that appeals to readers who might not otherwise be fans of Stephen King (doesn’t everyone think all he writes is horror?), and these small chapters in eBook format will appeal to readers who want something short to read, but feel like they’re taking part in something bigger.

Right now, you can read a sample of the first chapter THE TWO DEAD GIRLS, on OverDrive.

What do YOU think of serials?

Our Winners!

Last Thursday, our young readers who had participated in Forest of Reading® from December to April, came and voted on their favourite books. They had to read at least 8 books in most of the categories in order to be able to vote, so we feel confident they picked the best ones of the lot.

And the winners were:

Blue Spruce™

Cardinal-and-the-Crow-WebSilver Birch Express™ —a three-way tie!

express.jpgSilver Birch Fiction™—a two-way tie!

fictionSilver Birch Non-Fiction™—another two-way tie!

nonficAll of the winners we picked were tabulated and sent off to Toronto to join in all of the libraries and schools who also participated. Once all of the votes are in, “official” winners will be announced, and the Canadian authors and illustrators who were chosen will win one of the coveted prizes.  We can’t wait to see how we did! Check back here in May for all the details.

Human Library is Back!

We’;re13000089_1023318767704119_2687183973669691886_nWe’re doing it again…the Human Library project at the Carleton Place Public Library. Everybody has a story to tell, and on Saturday, April 30th, you can register to hear some of them!

In conjunction with the United Way, Lanark area libraries will have fascinating people that you can “check out” at the library on Saturday, April 30th. Each Human Book will have a certain number of spaces where patrons can register and talk with them for a 30 minute period. Ask them about their fascinating lives, or just sit with them one-on-one and listen to them talk about one of their favourite moments or most prized memories.

At the Carleton Place Public Library, we’ll be having Frank Hitchens, local astronomer and presenter who will no doubt want to talk about the fascinating worlds beyond our own, and Major Alex Hughes, who has led a stellar military career and who now champions local history! Both of these gentlemen would be wonderful to talk with, so if you’re interested in the Human Library project, now is the time to sign up!

Drop by our official registration page to select our library and reserve your space. Each Human Book is only available for two sessions, so don’t miss out!

We have Job Openings!

JOB POSTINGSIt is that time of year again….time to bring in new students to work at the library! While we’re sad to see some of our wonderful library pages go off to the next phase in their lives, we’re excited to offer the opportunity to work at the library to a new group of great students.

Right now, we’re also offering a position for a Summer Student to run our wonderful library programs for kids this June through August session! It’s a demanding job, but also so much fun, and we’re looking for a creative, special person for the position.

You can find all of the information about these positions on our library website at http://carletonplacelibrary.ca.

If you know of someone aged 14 and up who would be perfect for one of the page positions, or a student heading back to secondary school in the fall who would enjoy working with children all summer, please pass this information on. Deadlines for resume submission are Friday, April 29th.