The Lightning Thief, the Musical

28187It’s another book made into a musical! This time, it’s Rick Riordan’s THE LIGHTNING THIEF, the first in the Percy Jackson series about a boy who discovers he has ties to the Greek Gods he has been learning about in school. While this series has been made into several movies, Riordan hasn’t backed those ventures, but whole-heartedly supports this event off Broadway.

You can hear one of the songs from the original play here, sung by Chris McCarrell who will star. While it doesn’t debut until March of this year, I’m sure fans are already clamoring to get tickets!

DVDs at the Library

saul twinsterssully







If you’re a regular library user, you’ll know that we offer lots of new DVDs each week. Not everything is a blockbuster…we also carry TV series, and now some fabulous documentaries!

Just a few of the new suggestions coming soon or available now at our library?

BETTER CALL SAUL: SEASON ONE—– If you loved “Breaking Bad”, you’ll want to watch this series which is a spin-off, but a bit of a prequel to shady lawyer Saul Goodman’s stint on the show. He made us all laugh at his questionable dealings, artfully decorated law office, and always noisy waiting room.

TWINSTERS——-This documentary follows the life of two young women who meet online and share more than just similar tastes in clothes. The search to discover where they came from will leave you glued to your seat.

SULLY-—-This new release is the latest from Clint Eastwood’s directorial fares, and stars Tom Hanks as the pilot who brought down a passenger jet in the middle of the Hudson River, saving everyone on board after both engines were hit by a flock of birds and disabled. This movie follows the story after the crash, as the National Transportation and Safety Board begins the investigation into whether or not it was the best place to land. You won’t believe what happened behind the scenes in this heroic tale!

You can drop into the library to place a hold or pick up one of these great DVDs, or check out the rest of our collection right here, or online. Don’t forget, we have lots of great new movies coming to our shelves each week.

Book Club for Two

pz-th3jzic8-daria-nepriakhinaLibraries are natural places for book clubs. We have two that are held here within our building, and we get books for several more clubs that hold their meetings in living rooms. The act of reading a book and discussing it is such an enjoyable thing. If you think it’s similar to those high school English class discussions, think again. (Plus, a lot of clubs have snacks involved, so it’s even better.)

But book clubs can come with some down sides, too. Some are quite strict about everyone reading the book before coming to the meetings. And others have a dedicated “chair” who will control the meeting, right down to discussion questions, rather than letting the discourse flow naturally. This can be a bit of a turn-off for some, and often, they’ll look elsewhere for another club.

What about starting your own club? How many people does it have to have? As it turns out, there are no real rules on this. Usually an active book club thrives from having a nice round number of people (10-15), as not everyone can make it each time. It’s also nice to have a wide variety of ages involved, but that will depend on the members themselves.

This is where Amy Cserni and Sara Haddow’s book club is really interesting. The pair met almost thirty-five years ago in high school, and started the unusual routine of reading books out loud to each other. They continued to do this for many years, getting together to read everything from classics to popular fiction. But when Cserni moved across the province, the book club for two was not to be dissolved. Instead of getting together to read out loud, the pair began reading to each other over the phone. Isn’t that a great idea? You can hear a fabulous documentary called “Telephone Books” by Alisa Siegel, by clicking on this link.

Now nothing can stop you from starting up your own book club!

Plot Your Novel!

1Interested in writing a novel, but have no idea where to start? Join us on Tuesday, January 17 from 6-7pm, and we’ll help you figure out how to plot your novel in advance. No writing experience necessary.

This is part of our Life Long Learning program at the Carleton Place Public Library. Please call to register at 257-2702, or drop by the library for more information.

Une Heure de Conte en Francais

French StorytimeOur French Storytime is changing a little bit!  We’re excited to get back at it, and it will still be on Friday mornings at 10:30am, but we’re going to be working on a more consistent routine during each session.

Since many of our attendees have low French skills, we’ll do stories in both French and English to allow for more comprehension. We’ll also be adding more songs, and a few new ideas to the mix to make it rewarding and positive.

No registration is required, so feel free to drop in from week to week…..but this time, we’ll be doing very similar things each time, so you won’t feel disoriented when you attend. Une Heure de Conte en Francais is for all ages.

PA Day Drop In

one1We’re getting excited about all of the upcoming PA Day Drop In events at the library. Not all schools in the area have PA Days on the same dates, so we’re trying to make sure to cover them all. Most of these will be Lego days, as our movie license comes to an end in early spring, but we’ll still have fun.

Drop in from 1-3pm on a PA Day for some fun (except for weird days of the week like Mondays and Thursdays….we’ll run them from 1:30-3:30pm). We’ll post what we’re doing on our Facebook page on a few days before, and again on the date of the PA Day, so keep watching. And don’t forget to like our Facebook posts so that you’ll see us at the top of your newsfeed!