For our Frivolous Friday post, if you’ve ever wasted precious minutes looking at Grumpy Cat on the internet:


…you might like a few new outlets for your visual interests. But you could spend a lot of time following links on Facebook, running through Tumblr feeds and flipping through Instagram posts to find the best images on the web right now. So when I came across Oublio, I was hooked! It organizes the most popular images on the web right now into one easy format. Just click the type of social media you’re most interested in, and up pops the image receiving the most views at any particular moment.

Keep in mind, sometimes the images are not for everyone, but they change often. And usually, they’re really fascinating! So, if you have a minute to pop to the site, that’s all it takes.  You’ll definitely want to bookmark this page to come back to later. It’ll be your new instant web crush!

Frivolous Friday Art Explosion!

We haven’t had a Frivolous Friday post in a while. But a I started coming across some fantastic Instagram feeds, I wanted to share them with you.  If you don’t use Instagram, maybe this will inspire you to start. There are so many fantastic, creative people out there!

First up is art director Javier Perez. He creates whimsical little pieces of art using everyday objects and typically, a pen. I’m sure you’ve seen these items on a regular basis and never thought of them in such creative ways. You can follow him on Instagram here.

insta-7(Photo credit Javier Perez)


I’ve been following Humans of New York on Instagram for a while now. Brandon is a wonderful photographer who takes photos of people on the streets (an in subways, and train stations and anywhere else he finds someone interesting), and usually asks them a few questions about their lives.  The stories are JUST as riveting as the photos, and Brandon just released his first photographic book called, HUMANS OF NEW YORK.



How about Murad Osmann, the travel photographer who always photographs the places he goes with a photo of his girlfriend leading him along. It’s unique and the photos are gorgeous! It makes you feel like you’re right there with them. (Some of the pictures have a little nudity or near-nudity, so be warned that this is not for everyone.)

1-Murad-Osmann-600x600(Photo credit Murad Osmann)

There are plenty of new and established Instagram users that will capture your imagination, much more than the typical selfie photos and pictures of restaurant meals. Stop by, have some fun, and see who these creative people are following. Maybe you’ll discover a new guilty pleasure! Instagram.





This Is Where I Read

In August, we’re doing something fun on Instagram.


We want all of our patrons to take photos of yourselves–or people you love–reading!  Is your favourite spot at the end of the dock?  Or do you like to read in a hammock? Wherever you spend your time flipping through the pages on a lazy summer afternoon, we’d love to know about it.  All you need is your camera and Instagram. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #cplibrary…..and the NEW hashtag…. #thisiswhereiread


Go! Start reading now!

Carleton Place is Fantastic!

It’s the day before the Bridge Street Bazaar here in Carleton Place, and we’re excited. If you’re not familiar with the event, the entire length of Bridge Street will be closed from 9am – 4pm Saturday, August 3rd, so that everyone can walk downtown and visit all the great tables, stores and special shows. There will be over 100 vendors with their goods on display and lots to see and do. Come hungry, because there are always lots of fun places to eat. Have a slice of pizza, some of Mike’s fries, or even some Vietnamese food!  The possibilities are almost endless! Check out the link above to see everything that will be happening, rain or shine!

We’re excited that this year, we’ve got a fun event happening during the bazaar.  You can drop in this week to pick up the information, or grab a handout when you park in the library parking lot Saturday morning. We’ll have a table set out and friendly people to answer your questions. What are we doing?  We’re asking you to “GO!” to some of our favourite spots in Carleton Place as part of the TD Summer Reading Club, and take a photo. That’s it!  And there will be PRIZES!!


All you need is a phone that can download the FOURSQUARE app.  Once you register, you can find CP Library and we’ll add you to our friends list. Then, just go to each of the places listed in our “GO! CARLETON PLACE!” list and use the hint to take a photo. If you have Facebook, upload it there and hashtag it as #cplibrary.  Or do the same on Instagram!  We’re excited to see how many people will participate.  It’s going to be fun, and you have until Friday, August 9th to finish the task in order to qualify for the prizes.

Just a reminder, the library will be closed on Monday, August 5th, for the long weekend. We’ll see you Tuesday!

We’re on Instagram!

It’s so nice to have fresh blood at the library. Emma, our summer student, brings with her a slew of new ideas and a young approach. We love it!  And what we’re most excited about is that we’re now on Instagram! 


If you’re not on Instagram, it’s a fabulous site for people who love to take photos. Just download the app or join online and you’re ready to go.  It looks like this:


We’re all obsessed with our cell phone cameras and tablets, and Instagram allows us to upload, edit and share photos with friends and other photo lovers on the site. It’s easy, free and interesting!  You can “follow” your favourite photographers, your friends or even follow people who post photos that you love. And we want you to follow us now!

We want everyone to document their reading this summer and use the hashtag #cplibrary to let us know about the books you’re loving, hating or just wanting to read. Take a shot of someone else reading, or capture something at our library that seems fun. We can’t wait to see what you’ll shoot!


I used to use a wonderful photo editor online to fix up, crop or make a collage for all the library pictures I take. But when the website closed down, I was in a desperate search for something just as good, just as easy to use.  I think I’ve found it in PicMonkey.

You can upload your photos and fix them using all the great tools, or even morph them into new and fantastic things using the fun options. But what I really love, is the ease with which you can merge two photos.  It’s fabulous!

Take for example, this photo of Ronald McDonald® visiting the library.

While it’s a fun picture on its own, I wanted to add someone special to it for the purposes of showing how this great tool works. Using the Eraser and Overlay tool, I was able to take this photo which has a white background:

…and erase all the white to incorporate him into the bigger picture.

Just a little bit of fun for anyone who might want to play around with photo editing sites. Do you have other great sites that you use to edit photos online?


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